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The Gardens

The gardens are the soul of Villas Xichú; They have been present at numerous family gatherings as it was a meeting place where people could bathe in the natural water spring that used to brighten the lives of the residents of the area, children and adults alike.

When Gloria began the construction of the first villa, La Casa de la Rosa Rosa, she noticed that the gardens only needed some touch-ups to enhance their beauty. This is why the construction was carried out around the trees and rocks that were already there.
Located at the top of the hill where San Miguel de Allende was founded, one feels blessed by the breathtaking views of the sunsets and the spectacular views of the city.

Centennial trees, which house a wide variety of birds, stand tall to allow you to enjoy the greatness of nature.
Various celebrations in which children and adults have blessed Villas Xichú with their presence have left their happy mark, allowing our new guests to feel the comfort and mysticism of these gardens, and giving the most cordial welcome back to our recurring guests.

Let yourself be pampered by our team, by our gardens and swimming pools. Come celebrate life your way ... immerse yourself in the spirit of the Tenazcal and then allow the magic of a relaxing massage in the privacy of your villa. 

The lush, extensive gardens are perfect for a quiet walk. Do you want to read a book? Or write one? We are sure that you will find a quiet place to do it.

Enjoy all the facilities and services of the park, while maintaining the privacy and exclusivity that your own private villa can offer you.

Conference Center

Gloria, founder and owner of Villas Xichú says “… my grandmother effectively paved my true path even before I was born. My dear mother followed that fantastic example. That is the explanation of the motto of these three generations: WHAT A DAMN GREAT LIFE!  (Que pinche vidón! ) These two women are my greatest source of inspiration; This center is dedicated to them. ”

With a capacity of 100 people in each of its two floors, VCC will be happy to celebrate your unique event.

We attend corporate events, yoga and Pilates retreats, weddings, receptions, family celebrations, meditations, workshops ... ask and we will do it!
There is also additional space located outside the Victoria's Conference Center in our outdoor espacial event area with Possibility to accomofate up to 250 persons. 

Spa and Wellness

In today's world, it is more important than ever to maintain body-soul balance and a healthy lifestyle. With the advanced technology and the mobiles that always have us working, it is easy to forget the importance of a “calm time”. It is very difficult to disconnect from work and our organized and frantic life to return to a state of consciousness of stillness and peace.

Come and give your mind and body a break from the outside world and your obligations! Villas Xichú is the perfect place to relax and rest. Instead of honking horns and cars chirping, you will be surrounded by the harmonic sounds of nature such as birdsong and water flowing from our fountains and pools.
Your warm villa will be here to pamper you and embrace you with the color and joy of all its details. They are designed to make you feel the Mexican lifestyle and the relaxation of the customs of this ancient culture. Enjoy its luminosity, spacious suites, warm crafts ... feel the art in every detail ... smile and celebrate.

Enjoy a delicious steam bath (only at the Casa de la Rosa Rosa) or the Jacuzzi; swim in our pools or just feel free to be in our gardens and allow the centenary trees to hug you and cacti that await to receive your admiration.
We offer yoga, Pilates, meditation, aerobics packages etc. With combinations of your choice.
Please contact us to detail the organization of future events. Maybe you are looking for a place to hold a workshop or a retreat?

Workshops and Retreats 

Come celebrate life, no matter what!
Are you an artist with a desire to show your amazing work?
Are you a coach who wants to express your message and help others apply it?

Are you looking for a space to carry out your specialized retreat, in total privacy and harmony?
Let us be part of your project by putting at your disposal our special events area and the Victoria’s Conference Center.
If what you are looking for is to attend a holistic retreat, we also organize it to your needs, since we have professionals specialized in different areas of holistic well-being.

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