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The Gardens

Villas Xichu Garden Path
Garden path for casual strolling toward the conference center.

The gardens are the Soul of Villas Xichu; they have presenced in the past numerous family gatherings since it was a meeting place where people would bathe in the natural water source that used to be here.

When Gloria started construction of the first Villa, La Casa de la Rosa Rosa, she could tell that the gardens only needed a little make-up to enhance their beauty. So construction was done around the trees and rocks that were already there.

Located at the top of the hill where San Miguel de Allende was founded, one is blessed by the stunning views of impressive sunsets and view of the city.

The centennial trees which host a variety of birds stand tall to let you feel the grandeur of Nature.

An innumerable number of kids and adults who have blessed Villas Xichu with their presence have left their happy trace, enabling our new guests to feel the coziness of these gardens. We  invite you to come and allow us to pamper you, celebrating life no matter what.

The extensive gardens are perfect for a quiet stroll. Would you like to read a book? Or write one? We are sure that you will find a quiet spot where to do so. You are encouraged to use all of the facilities and amenities of the park, while maintaining the privacy and exclusivity that your own private villa can offer.