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The Birth of Villas Xichu

Villas Xichu was born. Born? Yes, and this is what our founder and owner (or Mother as she is known) Gloria Belendez-Ramirez has to say:evening-view-from-cactus

“We were visiting San Miguel de Allende on a five day holiday; however this magical city enchanted us in such a manner, that we prolonged our stay to four years. While constructing a villa for our own use (La Casa de la Rosa Rosa), I started to be more and more aware of the artistic talents of our Mexican crew. The level of trust and respect grew in such a way that we decided to keep on constructing other villas on our property in order to keep the “family” together…

In mid May 1998, while taking photos of the first construction site I was surprised to see a green-pink spot in what seemed to be a bush amidst the cement. As I approached it, what was my surprise to see that it was a beautiful, aromatic pink rose (rosa rosa), determined to survive regardless of all the debris and mistreatment. I picked it and pressed it in a book, never to forget, how intense the power of life is.

La Casa de la Rosa Rosa was a 50% constructed body that I did not want to demolish because of its history. After one year we moved in, while the construction continued: we added seven additional villas, lush gardens, fountains, three pools and a 2-storey conference center named after my grandmother Victoria.

Villas Xichu is literally a dream come true…

It is not a place to go and just spend some time… it is not a place that was constructed to just start a business…

And the beat goes on…”