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Our Founder

Gloria Beléndez Ramírez describes herself as an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, interpreter, mother, wife, lover, dreamer and is completely out of her mind, living in her heart and walking on the path of the NOW.

Gloria was born in Mexico City. She studied her third language in Switzerland in a school for girls. Enjoying intensely communicating with others, she never went back to her home country to live. Instead she wandered around the world learning languages as she enjoyed her life passionately. Her family-oriented personality won her several sets of parents/relatives: Korea, Japan, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, France, Egypt, China, Taiwan and Greece. At the age of 23, she established Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services in Dusseldorf, Germany, traveling all over the world. She loved her work so much that she described it as “…a school where I am being paid to learn.”

She stopped working as an interpreter when her first child was born, and instead started exploring the world of the soul. In doing so, she arrived on a five day holiday to the town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, only to stay four years instead, enchanted by the mystic, marvelous, magic warmth of this charming colonial town. The result was the birth of Villas Xichu, a warm spiritual retreat open to all.

In 2012 she published her first book “Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now”; since then she has been interviewed on TV and Radio, traveling around the world with her retreats, workshops and corporate trainings. Known as the happiness ambassador, she says her soul purpose is to entice others to decide to be happy and stay happy NO MATTER WHAT.

A special gratitude note from Gloria.

“I really thank God, my dearest husband Ibrahim for inspiring me at all times, friends, family and foreman Humberto Escobar and his incredible wife Paloma, the young Mexican entrepreneurs who with all their Mexican artist-workers have made the birth of Villas Xichú possible.

I also want to thank our wonderful staff, gardeners, night guard and housekeepers, who give their best at all times.

Last but not least, I want to thank YOU, dear guest, for choosing Villas Xichú as the venue for your holidays or events. Please know that a percentage of your investment goes to empowering orphans and supporting old citizens into a life of happiness and health.