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Our Family

The character of the villas is warm and humble largely due to the energy left by the craftsmen, masons and painters who participated in the creation of eight beautiful cases. Moreover, the love with
which these houses are sought after by the staff has kept Villas-Xichu delightful throughout all the years, welcoming you with arms wide open.

The Villas Xichu Familia

These are our current caretakers on property:

Humberto Escobar

Humberto is the chief constructor of Villas Xichu. Armed with a great notion of honor, integrity and desire to serve, this young visionary is capable of transforming a piece of land into the dream home of his clients by applying total communication, resulting truly in a dream come true.

Gloria calls him the “father” of Villas Xichu, which continues to expand since its foundation in 1999 when the land where Villas Xichu sits on was acquired from Humberto’s uncle, Don Claudio.

Paloma Leon

Paloma is the always-present friend and colleague that everyone dreams of. Married to Humberto Escobar, she oversees that the maintenance and flow of Villas Xichu is always at its best. Paloma is an incredibly humble leader, who manages to keep the Villas Xichu Dream Team always united.

Tomasa Ferrer

Tomy, as she is warmly called, is a very inspiring young woman. She arrived to Villas Xichu as a single mom, refusing to give in to her circumstances. Since at the time we didn’t have a post for her (we were still building our second villa, not yet in need of extra staff), she was assigned to weed the gardens. Never did she arrive late nor complained about her tedious job under the hot sun.

She is currently our Supervisor, a post she has earned during her 11 year service. And the beat goes on.


Cheerful and always happy to serve, Laurita will always be there with her light humor and innovative thoughts. She is Tomy’s cousin, and is now in her ninth year with Villas Xichu.

Don Arturo

There could be no more loyal and professional person than Don Arturo, our night guard. He is always ready to help you unload you groceries from you vehicle or help you with those little-big details while traveling. He will be delighted to guide you into your villa if you arrive after 5 pm.


A very dynamic young lady, Veronica joined the VX dream team in 2014. Our professional greeter, she will be happy to guide you into your villa, unless you arrive after 5 pm, when Don Arturo (see above) will take over.


Brother to Laura, Bernardo is a young dreamer who loves to pamper our guests through his gardening skills. He has been taking care of our gardens since 2012.


Behind the scenes, Mayra will be the support that will be behind your smooth passage from the time of your kindest reservation and your arrival to Villas Xichu.


Memo, may he rest in peace, is our head gardener who needs to be always mentioned. He is the one who first tended to our gardens… when asked “what is your life purpose Memo?”, he answered: “That when the customers arrive they say Ahhhhhh, what gardenes!!!